Do you work in an office or a corporate environment in London?

Would you like to improve your work place well-being, or simply your own?

Choose your favorite option:

60mins yoga class or 90mins seminar

 Setting up a 60mins or 90mins yoga class

This class will incorporate two aspects of Yoga: the uplifting and playful side of Vinyasa and the healing practice of Yin. As we are in a corporate environment, I will target the stiffest corners of your body (upper body and pelvis) to increase its mobility. We will also apply some movements in order to reduce (possibly chronic) pain you may have developed with daily misaligned postures, and share some “yogic tools” to handle stress and work frustration.

I am not here to make you a better performer or to increase your skills in your field - that is your company's responsablity. But… I am there to create a safe and calm environment in which you can evolve, move, explore yourself, unwind, and relax without having to leave the premises.

Come and enjoy, without having to reach any specific “business goals or business meeting”. Leave the competitiveness at the door to discover the effective simplicity of Yoga as soon as you sit down on your mat.


This class is perfect to fit in your lunch break - as we have been doing for the past year with my Societe Generale yogi tribe (twice a week!).

The class will always start with 10 mins seated meditation and pranayama (breath regulation). We will carry on with a gentle warm up before kicking into the flowy sequence. We will end up with Yin which demands surrendering and taking a look at what lies underneath the surface, “your surface”. Expect to be nurtured but still to get a deep work through the connective tissues to release as much tension as possible.

Finally go back to your desk with a refreshed presence and a clearer mind.

A 60mins wellness seminar

Clearly this isn’t a regular yoga class. It is more an open-end discussion and a talk, spreading precious and usable health information.

It is also a workshop, as it encourages a brain storm to share your perspective on your experience in the corporate world and what matters to you.

We will talk about techniques to increase your focus, improve your time management and cope with life in a highly competitive organization.

We will look at it through the lens of Yoga and its practical techniques: certain poses (asanas), breath control (pranayama), fixing the mind (concentration) and how some yogic philosophy (mindfulness) can uncover timeless difficulties you can encounter at work (and in life).

We will highlight the field of neuroscience too and see what impact the science of the brain have on your well-being at work - the myths and the truths of the new field of health neuroscience. We will see that some brain-related explanations are compelling, particularly when used in the context of habits, goals, motivation or behavioral change, especially at work.

Each seminar is organized for small or larger groups. Each topic can be discussed beforehand and tailored to suit the organization and its employees' needs.

My aim isn’t to offer insights to organizations, employee management and how to increase their performance, but rather to consider every single individual in the workplace and improve their physical and mental health.

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