Each class is an opportunity to reunite body and mind. Experience moment by moment. Be in the here and now. 

The emphasis of each session is meeting every body's needs, and encouraging each individual to develop their own understanding of yoga. 

Yoga became part of my everyday life from the moment I discovered it.

I completed a 200h Yoga teacher training in Vinyasa Flow with YogaLondon in order to share this practice with others.

I offer balanced and varied classes incorporating meditation, yogic philosophy & mindfulness. At the heart of the Vinyasa practice is Pranayama (breath regulation) which plays an essential role in my classes. I'm also inspired by Qi Qong and this martial art is often introduced in the sequence to highlight the importance of flowing and moving energy.

Teaching Yoga

In May 2019, I trained with The (fantastic & very knowledgeable) Yoga People to explore Yin Yoga. Yin has been an interesting and profound discovery that has offered me some new tools to tune body and mind through surrendering - allowing me to witness my body's language and its sensations without applying any physical force in a pose.

It has been a pleasure teaching Yoga for 5 years and I am constantly amazed how yogis get a better understanding of themselves by its powerful benefits. Yoga provides many tools to broaden your horizons and experience a healthy life full of awareness.

Amandine is a fantastic teacher whose lessons are always enjoyable and challenging.

Creating Space

I undoubtedly recognize this ancient tradition and its values, but I never thought it would blend so effortlessly into my everyday routine.  My previous jobs were time-consuming and self-care wasn't a priority for me. Yes, I worked out, enjoyed going out with friends, reading, exploring the outdoors, and keeping busy. But... What about some quality time for my inner self? It was a challenge at times to create space for it and I wasn't sure how to nourish it.

For a while I even thought it was selfish to take time out. It was actually more about allowing myself to take that time off.

Yoga has helped me to find that answer and still does. I found a healthy ego and I feed it on a regular basis.

However, the days without answers are always going to happen - these are the days where silence is a golden gift. In my opinion, these are the days for meditation when all you have to do is listen. Listen to what is happening within yourself. I believe serenity awaits you there. As Eckhart Tolle says "stillness speaks".

I look forward to seeing Amandine, she is always a friendly face to cheer me up in the middle of the week :)


Mind Stuff

The so-called crazy monkey in reference to our minds is a fact. Our perpetual reality. In his Yoga Sutras, Patanjali refers to it as 'mind-stuff'. He also mentions 'maya' which is translated as illusions. To my understanding the mind-stuff and maya are mental distractions that we create. When our thoughts and emotions are overwhelming they influence negatively or positively our perception of reality.  They might even prevent us from living in the present moment. Not being present takes us closer to our tipping point.

That's why a healthy routine is important. Not essential but important because taking care of yourself matters. Develop a gentle, fun and clear one. Something that is you, something which reflects who and what you are. For me it is Yoga; but not only. Find yours and invite every day to be a new move towards mindfulness and establishing a fixed pattern. A structure to train and rejuvenate mind and body until it becomes second nature. Only then it belongs to you. And only then an exploration of full self-expression begins. It doesn’t get easier though, you simply become stronger & more comfortable with your strengths and imperfections.

Highly recommended for all levels

What do you get? Introspective Fun!

With introspection, Yoga has invited me to keep an eye on several layers of myself: my emotions, thoughts, needs & desires. Additionally, Yoga is fun! It is a constant reminder not to take yourself too seriously and be humble of your achievements & failures.


A friend once told me – the question isn’t why is it hard to practice but what stops you from practicing. What is getting between you and your mat?  Because, yes, it does come down to you sometimes, and only you - In Yoga but in life too.

In short, start to observe what you are. Notice, feel, and experience. Acknowledge, accept and let go. Expect each practice to be different, as are you every day. Yet it is an opportunity to grow and change, not repeat certain patterns. Yoga is an alternative response that leads to the inner world within each individual.

Hopefully I'll see you on a yoga mat and we will share this experience together.

Namaste to you !

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